About what? About me? But that’s not really important, is it?

I have decided, as my own little Centenary project, that I will attempt to read in 2013 only fiction that is set in Canberra. I want to try to see this city the way others see it, and to examine how I feel about what they see. Four units of lit studies at the old College of Knowledge not withstanding, I am not a particularly critical reader. This isn’t necessarily about good literature, or good literary criticism. It’s just a bit of thinking-out-loud, tied up with some reading-with-a-focus, and perhaps leading to some pondering-the-meaning-of-things-sacred-and-profane.

For a more detailed explanation, jump to my original post for this blog: Who? What? Why? Where? When?

Dinner at Caphs has largely gone into stasis since Canberra’s centenary celebrations concluded at the end of 2013. While you’ll find the (very) odd update here, if you are still feeling a bit peckish perhaps you’d like to join me for Lunch at the Raintree Café?


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